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311 is an easy to remember number that connects you with a trained customer service representative eager to assist. 311 provides a fast, simple and convenient way to obtain information on City services. Contacting the City by phone, in-person, online or on your phone is easier than ever.



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311 Preguntas Frecuentes

311 Frequently Asked Questions


 Make a report....

  • Pothole
  • Graffiti
  • Clogged catch basin
  • Street Light Out
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Refuse or Recycle Miss
  • Illegal Dumping

 Obtain Information regarding...

  • Setting up new refuse, recycling or water service
  • Water Utility Agreement
  • Monthly recycling pickup days
  • Refuse pickup schedule
  • Add funds to my PAYT refuse account
  • Register to Vote
  • Pay property tax bill
  • City Electrical permit and Inspections
  • Meter hooding

 311 Walkup service available...

  • Water Payment
  • PAYT refuse account Payments
  • Purchase yard bags













Grand Rapids Fire Dept. distributes 25,000th smoke alarm hitting a milestone for the program.

Read the news report for more information - news report link

Grand Rapids Fire Home Safety Inspection Program Photo 

The City of Grand Rapids, MI has accomplished a tremendous feat in implementing its GR311 system.  Typically an information technology project’s success is measured by 3 basic delivery criteria – was it on time, on budget, and most importantly, did it deliver its promised value.  It is clear to me that GR311 met, and actually exceeded, all three of those criteria.

Most 311 cities do not support a 311 Walk-in capability.  However, Grand Rapids combined the walk up windows of its City Customer Service, Water, Public Services, and other departments under the 311 Department.  I was very impressed with the way the City pulled together to make GR311 happen.  In my experience this in itself was wholly remarkable. 

James Sullivan, 311 Consultant